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Pay What You Can Night is Thursday, March 23 at 8 p.m.

(Tickets are not sold in advance to Pay What You Can performances.)

Tickets available by clicking here or by calling 517-849-9100. 

"Sauk Shorts" is presented by arrangement with the playwrights.


This production is sponsored by 

Sandi Miller

Act One

The Challenge

By Meaghan Bryant

Directed by Josh Lightner

Amy Matthews - Tiffany Thatcher

Bill Matthews - Aaron Guest

Tyler Matthews - Castin Cousino

Hailey Matthews - Belle Ambrose

Shirtley Matthews - Sandi Miller

A Tale of Two Oversharers

By Sarah Gray

​Directed by Sandi Miller

Karen - Jennifer Yokell

Lisa - Denise McCosh

Lindsey - Lucy Micun*

Emma - Annabelle Gray

Thanksgiving with the Exterminator

By Rosamarie Nagle

​Directed by Tim Ambrose

Brad - Andy Anderson

Magpie - Erin Brzozowski

Chuck - Steven Owsley

Put Asunder
By James McLindon
Directed by Angela Forant
Janet - Allison Tappen
Haley - Shannon Chen
Bob - Steven Owsley
Trey - A.J. Kelsey*
Angelo - Jacob Isiminger
Sydney - Kenny Hong

Press Pray

By Seth Freeman

By Andy Anderson

Martin - Nathan Johnson

​Response - Lucy Micun*

​Plain Salad
By Josh Lightner
Directed by Meghan Barnes
Dan - Jacob Weldon
Becky - Erin Brzozowski
James - A.J. Kelsey*
Allison - Kaylee McCoy
Lily - Grace Balkin

Act Two

You'd Better Be Good (for goodness sake)

By Sarah Gray

Directed by Christina Dube

Jangle - Jacob Isiminger

Holly - Kat Dickenson*

Santa - Anne Conners

Merry - Grace Teachout*

Sprinkles - Travis Blatchley

Hero Day
By Hugh Mackay
Directed by Sarah Gray
Principal Baird - Andy Anderson
Susan Sullivan - Meaghan Bryant

Angels and Pastrami

By Bruce Karp

Directed by Grace Balkin

Mother - Allison Tappen

Child - Everly Cousino

Homeless Man - John Kasper
Angel - Kat Dickenson*

The Envelope

By G.M. (Bud) Thompson

Directed by Trinity Bird

Mort - Michael Krebill

Sarah - Gianna Green

Timothy - Jacob Weldon

Jay - Josh Hall

Mary - Shannon Chen

​*indicates Sauk debut

The Crew

Production Stage Manager - Joella Hendrickson

Production Coordinator - Trinity Bird

Lighting Design - Trinity Bird

Lighting Assistance - Allison Tappen, David Tappen

Light Board Operator - Chris Dube

Sound Design/Operation - Naomi Hendrickson

Marketing/Photography - Joyous Journey Photography

Special Thanks to...

Hillsdale First Baptist Church, El Cerrito Restaurant

​The Sauk wishes to express our gratitude to Arrow Swift Printing for a generous donation toward this season’s programs.