Sebastian Rising

By Edward deBuvitz

Directed by Trinity Bird
Stage Directions Read by Andrea Ortell

Monte Miller – Tim Ambrose
Sebastian Miller – Timothy Favreau
Delivery Man/Mister Dill – Zachary Gifford*
JC Moon – Ray Pratt
Samantha – Morgan Blonde
Leo – Trevor Wagler
Banjo – Noah Bryant
Wayne Rockefeller – George North*
*indicates Sauk debut

Gravity: A Union

By Alexander Wolfe

Directed by Liz Pence*
Stage Directions Read by Meghan Barnes

Dad - Trinity Bird

Daughter - Estelle McCourry

Man - Spenser Jones

Woman - Barbara Cliffe-Miller

* indicates Sauk debut

Please Note: This production includes strong language, drug use and violence. 

Production Program (Click Page to Enlarge)

Clear Blue Sky

By Bruce Karp

Directed by Jennifer Wagler
Stage Directions Read by Pat Bogusz

Harvey Goren – Spenser Jones
Glenn Canfield – Brendan Pratt
Carol Morgan – Summer Housler
Jesse Morgan – Trevor Wagler
Phyllis Goren – Meaghan Bryant
John Goren – Ray Pratt
Dale Cox – Tiffany Thatcher

Please note: This production contains strong language and violence. 

Production Program (Click Page to Enlarge)

Edward deBuvitz (Playwright - Sebastian Rising) - Edward was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. At age 18, he left for his first job as a rock n’ roll DJ at a radio station in Mobile, AL. He has held a number of positions at various radio stations including in the news department of a major station in Dallas, TX. There, he wrote and produced his first radio dramas which included the radio version of the popular children’s book The Velveteen Rabbit. After moving to New Mexico, and with the encouragement of the late Tony Award-winning playwright Mark Medoff, he began writing stage plays. His first play Lift was awarded a staged reading at the Adobe Theater in Albuquerque, NM in 2019 as part of the New Mexico Play Fiesta. Another play, Painting Emily, was given a public reading at another Albuquerque theater in late 2019. When not writing plays, he enjoys playing tennis and making world wide contacts on his amateur radio station.

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Sarah Gray (Playwright - The Long Wait) - This is the very first script Sarah has written. She was inspired when she watched the 2019 Sauk Shorts. Sarah has a background in writing, working for her school newspaper while receiving her degree in journalism from Grand Valley State University. She has also written for several mid-Michigan newspapers and magazines including Simply Hers, Everything Man and Michigan Parent. She recently wrote two pieces for The Sauk's Living Room Monologues titled "Three Meters Up" and "Optimum Vision Specs." She is delighted to have found this new style of writing as a way to stretch herself creatively and is grateful to The Sauk for their support and encouragement.

Production Program (Click Page to Enlarge)

Alexander Wolfe (Playwright - Gravity: A Union) - Alexander is a supposed writer who graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan with a degree in Acting, has made most of his money landscaping, and has only risen to the moderate level that he has due to the goodwill and support of those he has managed to surround himself with. His professional credits include having his voice heard in the background of an indie song, beating up Santa onstage a few times in Minneapolis for about 15 bucks, and drumming for a production of American Idiot. Alexander is not a drummer. He knows enough about cars to check the oil but not change it, and he is a semi-professional builder of cardboard cat castles. If you'd like to read more interesting things, Alexander recommends looking up Monte Monteleagre in NYC, because he does things that put Alexander to shame. 

The Sauk is dedicated to the development of new theatrical works. Each year, we present staged readings of new plays still in the process of being written. After the readings, we invite the audience to respond to what they have heard. When they can, the playwrights attend these readings and join the discussion. These works may include adult themes and/or strong language. This is a free event. 

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The Long Wait

By Sarah Gray

Directed by Mari Nunez
Stage Directions Read by Anne Conners

Carrie – Lisa LaFountain*
Matt – Spenser Jones

* indicates Sauk debut

Bruce Karp (Playwright - Clear Blue Sky) - Bruce has written numerous short plays, several of which have been performed at South Florida theater festivals. His three full-length plays have had staged readings in Florida, and he is thrilled that his fourth was chosen for this year’s development workshop at The Sauk. Recent credits: The Spot (King’s Theatre’s Summer Theater Festival, Nova Scotia; Onion Man Productions, Georgia), Why Not Merman? (South Florida Theatre League’s Stages of the Sun; Shakespeare Troupe of South Florida); Musical version of The Spot (Miami New Musicals). Goy Meets Girl (Delray Beach Playhouse), The Portrait (Nomad Theatre, Illinois), Above and Beyond (Playwright’s Round Table). Member, Dramatists’ Guild, 2017, New Play Exchange.

Previous Plays-in-Development

  • Gravity: A Union By Alexander Wolfe (Nebraska)

  • Raising Sebastian By Edward DeBuvitz (Albuquerque, NM)

  • Clear Blue Sky By Bruce Karp (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

  • The Long Wait By Sarah Gray (Jonesville, MI)

  • On Pine Knoll Street by Mark Cornell (Chapel Hill, NC)

    • ​This production was produced as a fully-staged production in February 2020. 
    • This play was part of the AACT NewPlayFest 2020. 

  • The Pattern of All Patience by Jacqueline Loy (Fort Myers, Fl)

  • ​Tipping Point by Paul McKinley (Bronson, MI)

  • Timmy's Big Kiss by Matthew Weaver (Spokane, WA)

  • ​Acts of Expiation by Joseph Allen Smith (Ocala, FL)

  • ​Trees by Penny Neer (Hillsdale, MI)

  • ​On Art by Josh Oberlander (Atlanta, GA)

  • ​Twelve Wild Swans by Kathryn Willis (Lansing, MI)

  • The Flower Girls by Lindsay McNair Patton (Fletcher, NC)

    • ​This production was produced as a fully-staged production in September 2018. 
    • The first act of this play was taken to AACTFest state competition in February 2019. 

  • Ember by Max McCreary (Atlanta, GA)

  • Zombie Apocalypse: A Love Story by Tim Ambrose & Jeffrey Connolloy (Pittsford, MI)

  • Ephemera by MJ Dulmage (Hillsdale, MI)

  • The Inheritance by Bud Vear (Hillsdale, MI)