Previous Plays-in-Development

  • Gravity: A Union By Alexander Wolfe (Nebraska)

  • Raising Sebastian By Edward DeBuvitz (Albuquerque, NM)

  • Clear Blue Sky By Bruce Karp (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

  • The Long Wait By Sarah Gray (Jonesville, MI)

  • On Pine Knoll Street by Mark Cornell (Chapel Hill, NC)

    • ​This production was produced as a fully-staged production in February 2020. 
    • This play was part of the AACT NewPlayFest 2020. 

  • The Pattern of All Patience by Jacqueline Loy (Fort Myers, Fl)

  • ​Tipping Point by Paul McKinley (Bronson, MI)

  • Timmy's Big Kiss by Matthew Weaver (Spokane, WA)

  • ​Acts of Expiation by Joseph Allen Smith (Ocala, FL)

  • ​Trees by Penny Neer (Hillsdale, MI)

  • ​On Art by Josh Oberlander (Atlanta, GA)

  • ​Twelve Wild Swans by Kathryn Willis (Lansing, MI)

  • The Flower Girls by Lindsay McNair Patton (Fletcher, NC)

    • ​This play was produced AT The Sauk in September 2018. 
    • The first act of this play was taken to AACTFest state competition in February 2019. 

  • Ember by Max McCreary (Atlanta, GA)

  • Zombie Apocalypse: A Love Story by Tim Ambrose & Jeffrey Connolloy (Pittsford, MI)

  • Ephemera by MJ Dulmage (Hillsdale, MI)

  • The Inheritance by Bud Vear (Hillsdale, MI)

Watch our 2020 Plays-in-Development readings here:

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The Sauk is dedicated to the development of new theatrical works. Each year, we present staged readings of new plays still in the process of being written. After the readings, we invite the audience to respond to what they have heard. When they can, the playwrights attend these readings and join the discussion. These works may include adult themes and/or strong language. This is a free event.