All auditions take place at The Sauk (240 E. Chicago St. in Jonesville, MI) unless otherwise noted. ​​

​Steel Magnolias

Audition Dates: August 16 at 7 p.m., August 20 at 2 p.m.
Performance Dates: October 13-16, 20-23, 2022

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. No preparation necessary. Please bring a list of all conflicts from August 21 through October 23. There are roles for six women. Ron Boyle will direct this production. 

About the Play

​The action is set in Truvy’s beauty salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana, where all the ladies who are “anybody” come to have their hair done. Helped by her eager new assistant, Annelle (who is not sure whether or not she is still married), the outspoken, wise-cracking Truvy dispenses shampoos and free advice to the town’s rich curmudgeon, Ouiser, ("I’m not crazy, I’ve just been in a bad mood for forty years"); an eccentric millionaire, Miss Clairee, who has a raging sweet tooth; and the local social leader, M’Lynn, whose daughter, Shelby (the prettiest girl in town), is about to marry a “good ole boy.” Filled with hilarious repartee and not a few acerbic but humorously revealing verbal collisions, the play moves toward tragedy when, in the second act, the spunky Shelby (who is a diabetic) risks pregnancy and forfeits her life. The sudden realization of their mortality affects the others, but also draws on the underlying strength—and love—which give the play, and its characters, the special quality to make them truly touching, funny and marvelously amiable company in good times and bad.

Available Roles

  • Truvy Jones - 40ish. Owner of the beauty shop.
  • Annelle Dupuy-Desoto - 19. Beauty shop assistant. 
  • Clairee Belcher - 66ish. Widow of former mayor. Grande dame. 
  • Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie - 25. Prettiest girl in town. 
  • M'Lynn Eatenton - 50ish. Shelby's mother. Socially prominent career woman. 
  • Ouiser Boudreaux - 66ish. Wealthy curmudgeon. Acerbic but loveable. 

Teen Theatre Project

Audition Date: Saturday, Sept. 10 at 2 p.m.

The Sauk is seeking 2-4 additional students for the Teen Theatre Project.
Auditions will be held for students enrolled in Hillsdale County schools currently in grades 6-11 to become part of a troupe that will create an original piece of theatre focusing on the topics of bullying and random acts of kindness. This will be a year-long project and students will be excused from their school to participate when necessary.
In the fall of 2022, the troupe will travel to local schools to collect stories from local students. In the winter, a piece of theatre will be created, designed and teched. Then, we will travel to schools around the county in spring 2023 and/or fall 2023 performing the play.
At the audition, teens are expected to perform a self-created original piece of theatre (it can include dialogue, dance, music, original songs, pantomime, puppetry, rap or any other unique art form) telling a story about their life. We will also do some group related improv activities. Not everyone will need to be able to sing, but those who can should be prepared to sing. If you play guitar, keyboard or any other instrument, please be prepared to perform.
To audition, you must currently be in grades 6-11. You must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. You must have a good attendance record at your school. You must have an open mind. You must be willing to participate in a group ensemble. This project only works if everyone works together as a team.
Please come to the audition in comfortable clothes as there will be a movement element. Everyone must be at the audition at 2 p.m. No late arrivals.
This project is being led by Trinity Bird. Mandee Leigh Howard is stage manager. The troupe will be responsible for the design and creation of technical elements in the play.
For more information, visit www.thesauk.org/ttp.html.

The Nutcracker

Audition Dates: September 24 at 2 and 6:30 p.m.
Performance Dates: December 1-4, 8-11, 2022

Audition requirements will be announced at a later date. There are roles for 10 males and 12 females (children and adults). Mari Nuñez will direct this production. Sarah Kilgore will choreograph. Sarah Gray will stage manage. This is a play with dancing. Not all characters dance. 

About the Play
The legend of the wonderful Nutcracker is now available in this captivating play. At a gala Christmas Eve party, Clara's godfather presents her with an amazing Nutcracker in the form of a wooden soldier. Too excited to sleep, she suddenly finds the Nutcracker brought to life. He tells her he is a prince under the wicked enchantment of the Mouse King, and she joins him in a series of adventures in strange lands as he seeks to regain his throne. When she wakes, she finds the Nutcracker gone. Was it a dream or not? Then her godfather returns with his nephew—who just happens to look exactly like the prince! This charming play is enhanced with dances to the music of Tchaikovsky.

Available Roles

  • Clara
  • Frank/Krakatuk
  • Aunt Harriet/Snow Queen
  • Mickey/Mouse King
  • Father
  • Mother/Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Godfather Dross
  • The Nutcracker
  • Four Mice
  • Two Snowflakes
  • Irmagarde - a Candy Cane
  • Hildegarde - a Candy Cane
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Daisy
  • Rose
  • BonBon
  • Prince/Ned
  • Ensemble who play toy soldiers, mice, snowflakes and flowers. ​