April 29-May 1 at 8 p.m.

May 2 at 3 p.m.

Sauk Theatre, Jonesville, MI

All tickets - $10

Pay What You Can Night is Thursday, April 29 at 8 p.m.

(Tickets are not sold in advance to Pay What You Can performances.)

Tickets available by clicking here or by calling 517-849-9100. 

Click here for safety procedures and protocol for this production.

"Sauk Shorts" is presented by arrangement with the playwrights.

"We Interrupt This Program" is presented with permission from ArtAge Publications Senior Resource Center. 

This production is sponsored by 

Sandi Miller

Act One

Mr. Cuddles

By Rom Watson

​Directed by Mari Nuñez

Dave - Isaiah Brown
Miriam - Denise McCosh
Grandma - Pat Bogusz
Mr. Cuddles - Andy Anderson

We Interrupt This Program

By Arthur Keyser

​Directed by Sandi Miller

Cyrus Finney - John Kasper
Phoebe Finney - Roene Trevisan 

Ski Lift

By Scott Mullen

​Directed by Josh Lightner

Pam - Allison Cleveland

Mickey - Andy Anderson

Stacy - Mandee Leigh Howard

Stockholm Syndrome

By James McLindon

Directed by MJ Jacobs

Beast - Isaiah Brown

Belle - Patricia Barrett*

Therapist - Meghan Barnes

Receptionist - Emily Crews 

Windows, Windows, Trees

By Matthew Weaver

Directed by Mandee Leigh Howard

Sam Hill - John Kasper
Elisa - Katherine Gerring*
​Nurse - Stella McCoury

Act Two

LIVIING (A Prelude)

By G.M. (Bud) Thompson

Directed by Trinity Bird

Jacqueline Todde - Meaghan Bryant

Daniel Todde - Micah Ortell

Theodore Riddling - Ray Pratt

Michele Riddling - Olivia Ortell

Margaret Riddling - Andrea Ortell

I Can Fly

By Gary Sironen

​Directed by Trinity Bird

Dramaturgy by Liz Pence

Terry - Tim Favreau

Honor Among Thieves

By Josh Lightner

Directed by Tim Ambrose

Thief - Denise McCosh

Burglar - Andy Anderson

Officer - Mike Sutton

Curator - Morgan Blonde


By Sarah Gray

Directed by Mari Nuñez

#1 - Meghan Barnes

#2 - Summer Housler

#3 - Brandi Tippner

​#4 - Josh Lightner

The Crew

Production Stage Manager - Joella Hendrickson

Production Coordinator - Trinity Bird

Lighting Assistants - Jason Macie, Mari Nuñez

Lighting Design/Board Operator - Lilly Macie

​Sound Design/Board Operator - Bruce Crews

Substitute Sound Board Operator - Tim Ambrose

Marketing/Photography - Patrick Cook

Special Thanks to...

Concord United Methodist Church,

City of Jonesville, ​Hillsdale Medical Care Facility

​The Sauk wishes to express our gratitude to Arrow Swift Printing for a generous donation toward this season’s programs.