Directed by Tim Ambrose

Stage Management by Mary Davis 

Set Design by Joella Hendrickson

Costume Design by Gianna Green

Lighting Design by Chris Dube

Sound Design by Tom Davis 

Properties Design by Cyndi Baldermann

Hair and Makeup Design by Emmy Ambrose

Tinker Bell – Elizabelle Ambrose
Peter Pan – Alaina Phillips*
Wendy – Allie Davis*
Mr. Smee – Brent Falke
Captain James Hook – Grace Teachout
Tootles – Olivia Dube
Nibs – Sadie Falke
Curly – Agnes Hutchinson*
John – Jonathon Comiskey
Michael – Finn Keef*
Pirate 1 – Isabel Hutchinson*
Pirate 2 – Hannah Sims*

*denotes Sauk debut

About the Play

Everyone thinks they know Peter Pan. But until you have heard Tinker Bell’s side of the story, you really have not heard it at all. When all the fairies in Neverland start dying, Tinker Bell comes to London to find a friend. There she meets a young boy named Peter Pan who has just run away from his family so he can be a little boy forever and have fun. When Tink takes Peter to Neverland, all sorts of wonderful and amazing things happen: flowers grow, animals appear and pirates arrive. But as Peter brings more Lost Boys and the Darling children back to her island, Tink finds she doesn’t like sharing her friend with anyone else. Especially that Wendy girl. This fresh and intensely theatrical adaptation of the classic story emphasizes play and fun as well as the complicated nature of friendship. A new, twinkling light shines on all the characters you love as J.M. Barrie’s story is reborn from this feisty fairy’s point of view. 

RUN TIME: To Be Determined. 

The Crew


Marketing Materials/Photography - Patrick and Lisa Cook

Special Thanks to...

We wish to thank the families of our cast and crew for their patience, support and encouragement. 

​The Sauk wishes to express our gratitude to Arrow Swift Printing for a generous donation toward this season’s programs.

Tinker Bell

By Patrick Flynn. Based on the work of J.M. Barrie.

June 28, July 5, 2024 at 10 a.m.

June 29, 30, July 6, 7 at 3 p.m.

June 29 and July 6 at 7 p.m.

Sauk Theatre, Jonesville, Michigan

All tickets are $6 
Tickets available by clicking here or by calling 517-849-9100. 

Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois.​

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