Abby and Noah

The Sauk's Teen Theatre Project was created to develop an anti-bullying theatrical experience with local teens using true experiences from local students. The finished project would then travel to local schools to perform. 

However, Covid-19 shut down this process. Intent on still creating something unique this year, the Teen Theatre Project will spend the fall creating something...we don't know what yet...but something.

Trevor and Tim

Teen Theatre Project

Landen and Ellie

Back-to-School: Dear Me Letters

Back-to-School: Finding Inspiration

Lilly and Keegan

Cast List

Abby Affholder (Reading)
Landen Clabaugh (Reading)
Timothy Favreau (Hillsdale Preparatory)
Ellie Gray (Jonesville)
Noah Honeywell (Jonesville)
Lilly Macie (Hillsdale)
Keegan Oxley (Hillsdale)
Trevor Wagler (Hillsdale)
Project Coordinator: Trinity Bird
Project Stage Manager: Mandee Leigh Howard
Student Stage Manager: Noah Bryant (Jonesville)
Assistant Student Stage Manager: Alex Guest (Camden-Frontier)

The Sauk's Teen Theatre Project is generously sponsored by