By Scott Mullen

Directed by Mari Nunez

Paul - Josh Lightner

Maria - Olivia Pike

Gabe - Noah Bryant​​

Filmed at Waterworks Park in Hillsdale.


The Prize

By Arthur Keyser

Directed by Tami Hindes

Roger - John Kasper

Frances - Sandi Miller

Phoebe - Meaghan Bryant

​Filmed at a private residence in Osseo, MI. 


Ghosts of Resolutions

By Ron Burch

Directed by Angela Forant

Mary - Lisa LaFountain

Ghost of Resolutions Past - Tiffany Thatcher

Ghost of Resolutions Present - Summer Housler

Ghost of Resolutions Richard - Denise McCosh

Ghost of Resolutions Future - Estelle McCourry

Filmed at a private residence in Coldwater, MI.

The DMV One

By Nick Zagone

Directed by Ann Holt

Woman - Andrea Ortell

Man - Andy Myers

Another Woman - Kaylee McCoy

​Filmed at Volume Salon in Hillsdale, MI.


Date With Death

By Steven Hayet

Directed by Josh Hall

Karen - Allison Cleveland

Angela - Savannah Durocher

David - Josh Lightner

Filmed at a private residence in Jackson, MI. 


By Tony Targan

Directed by Ron Boyle

Justin - Isaiah Brown

Georgia - Erin Brzozowski

Douglas - Andy Myers

Jazmine - Denise McCosh

Captain Dick - John Kasper

Filmed using a green screen in Jonesville, MI. 

A Craigslist Play

By Ruben Carbajal

Directed by Ann Holt

Ensemble - Trinity Bird, Isaiah Brown, Shannon Chen,
​Allison Cleveland, Mandee Leigh Howard, Josh Lightner

Recorded using StreamYard.


By K. Alexa Mavromatis

Directed by Trinity Bird

Miles - John Kasper

Henry - Keegan Oxley

Henry (Saturday) - Noah Honeywell

Recorded at a private residence in Litchfield, MI. 

The Shadow of Flies

By G.M. (Bud) Thompson

Directed by Trinity Bird

Bill - Trevor Wagler

Percival - Noah Bryant

Recorded at Sunset View Cemetery in Jonesville, MI.

Write Your Name Upon My Heart

By Matthew Weaver

Directed by Trinity Bird

Joshua - Isaiah Brown

Gretchen - Shannon Chen

Recorded at Slayton Arboretum in Hillsdale, MI. 

At the Wall

By Bonnie Milne Gardner

Directed by Sandi Miller

Thomas - Brendan Pratt

Chip - Andy Myers

Recorded at the Veteran's Memorial in Litchfield, MI. 

Production Team

Production Coordinator - Trinity Bird

Marketing - Patrick Cook, Expressions Photography & Design

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Unless otherwise indicated, the plays are performed with permission from the playwrights. 

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