Act One

The Empty Stage
By Bruce Crews (of Jackson)
Directed by Trinity Bird

The Empty Stage explores the power and possibilities inherent in an empty stage. Creativity, relationships, and endless possibilities unite to make all things possible. 

ACTOR – Allie Tappen 

By Scott Mullen
Directed by Sarah Gray

Claire has a noisy child. Claire's child is NOT allowed in the "quiet sandbox." When Claire finds a bunch of adults in the "quiet sandbox," she challenges them, only to be surprised at their response.

RITA – Shannon Chen
GABE – Travis Blatchley 
BETSY – Denise McCosh 
CLAIRE – Patricia Jordon

Gimme Shelter
By Robert Weibezahl
Directed by Jennifer Wagler

A septuagenarian with an unconventional past and a twenty-something with an uncertain future have a brief encounter at the bus stop in a retirement village and forge a highly unexpected connection.
CODY – Nathan Johnson
FRANCES – Sandi Miller 

​The Feast of Asses
By G.M. (Bud) Thompson (of Grand Rapids)
Directed by Andy Anderson

What happens in Vegas… The story of a couple, who never intended to be a couple, but end up bound together. They are sure it is a mistake. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s not.
ATTENDANT – Kiralyn Brakel Nelson
HIM – Josh Lightner
​HER – Erin Brzozowski

​Bittersweet Lullaby
Book by Will Lacker, Music and Lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn
Directed by Bruce Crews

Accompanied Live by Tom Ryskamp
Two struggling songwriters live in the same apartment decades apart. In one magical night, their voices connect through time and they begin a collaboration that leaves them forever changed.
MAN – Morgan Francis 
WOMAN – Danielle Allore Taylor* 

Act Two

The Reception
By Sarah Gray (of Jonesville)
Directed by Conor Slatick

Your wedding is the most wonderful day of your life! But what do your guests think?
BRYAN and KATE – Tiffany Thatcher and Michael Krebill
GEORGE and SUE -  Mike Sutton and Meaghan Bryant  
MIKE and NATE – Nathan Johnson and Isaiah Brown 
ASHLEY and CAMERON – Gianna Green and Jacob Weldon  

​God and Growing Old
Written and Directed By Bud Vear (of Hillsdale)
An elderly gentlemen speaks to God and gets an unexpected response.
OLD MAN – Bud Vear 
GOD – Trinity Bird

​The Selfie
By Scott Mullen
Directed by Savannah Bruton
Mandy is confused when Warren asks her to take a selfie with him outside the school dance, but it turns out he has his reasons.

WARREN – Dez Webster* 
MANDY – Ellie Gray 

Best Day Ever
By G.M. (Bud) Thompson
Directed by Trinity Bird
A family tries to make the most of their day at an amusement park despite the downpour around them. 
​PARKER – Parker Falke
JENNA – Sadie Falke
CHUCK – Brent Falke
BURT – Jeff Webb

Two Detectives Walk Into a Bar
By Jacob Weldon (of Jackson)
Directed by Josh Hall

Two detectives are individually searching for a criminal, and then mistake each other for the criminal in question. Two Detectives Walk Into A Bar is a parody of the detective noir style.

PLEASE NOTE: This production contains some minor adult language and adult content.

RUN TIME: Two hours and ten minutes. This includes one 15-minute intermission.

The Crew

Production Coordinator - Trinity Bird

​Production Stage Manager - Joella Hendrickson

Sandbox Built by Ron Boyle

Marketing Materials/Photography - Patrick and Lisa Cook

Special Thanks to...

Hillsdale First Baptist Church, Jonesville District Library, Western High School, Power's Clothing. We wish to thank the families of our cast and crew for their patience, support and encouragement. 

​The Sauk wishes to express our gratitude to Arrow Swift Printing for a generous donation toward this season’s programs.

Sauk Shorts 2024

featuring short plays by Bruce Crews, Sarah Gray, Scott Mullen, G.M. (Bud) Thompson, Bud Vear, Robert Weibezahl, Jacob Weldon and the ten-minute musical "Bittersweet Lullaby" featuring a book by Will Lacker and music and lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn ​

March 21-23 at 8 p.m.
March 24 at 3 p.m.

Sauk Theatre, Jonesville, Michigan

All tickets $10. 
Pay What You Can Night is Thursday, February 1 at 8 p.m.

(Tickets are not sold in advance to Pay What You Can performances.)
​Tickets available by clicking here or by calling 517-849-9100. 


This production is sponsored by 

Sandi Miller