The Sauk proudly presents...


June 29 at 7:30 p.m.

The Pattern of All Patience & Tipping Point

June 30 at 7:30 p.m.

Timmy's Big Kiss & Acts of Expiation

Sauk Theatre, Jonesville, MI

Free Admission

For more information, visit or call 517-849-9100.

This production is generously sponsored by 

Gossage Eye Institute & Optical

- and -

The Grate Haus. 

A generous grant from 

Jonesville Walmart

made transportation possible for all of our playwrights!

Lodging for the visiting playwrights is made possible by

Watkins Oil Company/Sunrise Shops.

The Pattern of All Patience

By Jacquelyn Loy

Directed by Mari Nunez

Old Man - John Kasper*

Nurse - Sarah Gray*

Daughter - Heather Harmon*

Fiance - Ross Bonjernoor

Girl -  Sloan Schneider*

Tipping Point

By Paul McKinley

Directed by MJ Dulmage

Laura Wells - Simoné Searcy

Stephen Wright - Jordan Hayes-Devloo

Cindy Wright - Kary Swiontek

Roger Wright - Ken Washburn

Cheryl Wright - Rickie Freeman

Malcolm - Spenser  Lowry-Jones

Allen - John Jordan

Chris - Collin Smith*

Timmy's Big Kiss

By Matthew Weaver

Directed by Trinity Bird

Timmy Hilsop - Trevor Wagler

Penny Ducoeur - Stella McCourry

Rachel Quakenbush - Josie Henvey

Claudia Urquhart - Madison Wright

Van Hilsop - Brendan Pratt

Niccolo Dilucca - Cooper Adams*

Morgan Morgan - Olivia Pike

Valerie Lord - Meighan Roe

Rusty Milsap - Jonah VanderHoff

Hornswaggle - Pat Bogusz*

An Audience Member - Anne Conners

Security Guards - Diane Langan, Pat Bogusz

Director of the Play - Trinity Bird

Announcer - Diane Langan*

Dinosaur-Headed Bad Guy - Ashton Forant 

Henchcheerleaders - Cana Wensley, Lilly Macie, Hannah Spencer*

Acts of Expiation

By Joseph Allen Smith

Directed by Josh Hall

Rose - Deb Lemke

Neil - Timothy Brayman

Taxi Driver - Mattie Noble

*denotes Sauk debut

​​Production Team

Production Coordinator - Trinity Bird

Light Board Operator - Ben Marsh

Marketing - Patrick Cook, Expressions Photography & Design