Upcoming Auditions

All auditions take place at The Sauk.

Summer Musicals

Audition Dates: May 1 and 2 by appointment

Callbacks: May 3 at 2 p.m.

An updated link to sign up with be posted soon. 


Rehearsals will begin the week of May 4. 

Performance Dates: June 18-21, 25-28 2020

KIDS - Any girl age 7-15 and any boy age 8-15 may audition for the roles of the von Trapp children. The boys need to have an unchanged voice. All kids should come prepared to sing 16-32 bars of an uptempo Broadway or Disney song. Do not sing any songs from THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Bring sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. Singing aCappella or with pre-recorded music is strongly discouraged. All kids should be prepared to tell an exciting one-minute story (fairy tale, real life adventure, story of their own choosing) in a unique way that includes more than standing in place and telling the story. All kids should make themselves available for callbacks.

ADULTS - Anyone age 16 and up may audition for the adult roles, Liesl, Rolf and ensemble. Adults should come prepared to sing 32 bars of a Broadway ballad or love song. They should not sing something from THE SOUND OF MUSIC at their initial audition. Contemporary pop songs are NOT acceptable. Bring sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. Singing aCappella or with pre-recorded music is strongly discouraged. Adult should also prepare a one-minute monologue that shows off their strongest acting skills. The monologue should be from a play. It should be memorized. All adults should make themselves available for callbacks.

There are roles for 7 men, 7 women, 2 boys, 5 girls and a large ensemble of mostly women. Trinity Bird will direct this production. Kristi Gautsche is musical director. Gay Shaw is vocal coach. Jan Mackie is choreographer. Allison Cleveland is stage manager.

Male Roles

  • Captain von Trapp (baritone)
  • Franz, his butler (non-singing)
  • Max Detweiler (tenor/baritone)
  • Herr Zeller (non-singing)
  • Baron Elberfeld (non-singing)
  • Admiral von Schreiber​ (non-singing)
  • Ensemble roles: the Captain's neighbors, concert contestants

Female Roles

  • Maria Rainer (musical theatre mix/soprano)
  • The Mother Abbess (legit soprano, wide vocal range)
  • Sister Berthe, Mistress of Novices (alto)
  • Sister Margaretta, Mistress of Postulants (mezzo)
  • Sister Sophia (soprano)
  • Frau Schmidt, the Captain's housekeeper (non-singing)
  • Elsa Schraeder (mezzo soprano)
  • A large chorus of nuns.
  • Ensemble roles: the Captain's neighbors, concert contestants

Boy/Teen Male Roles

  • Friedrich von Trapp, age 14 (unchanged voice)
  • Kurt von Trapp, age 10 (unchanged voice)
  • Rolf Gruber, age 17 (low tenor)

Girl/Teen Female Roles

  • Liesl von Trapp, age 16 (mezzo)
  • Louisa von Trapp, age 13
  • Brigitta von Trapp, age 9
  • Marta von Trapp, age 7
  • ​Gretl von Trapp, the youngest

Rehearsals TBA. 
Performance Dates: August 13-16, 20-23, 2020

Audition requirements will be announced at a later date. Trinity Bird will direct the production. Kristi Gautsche is musical director. Gay Shaw is vocal coach. Allison Cleveland is stage manager.

Male Roles

  • Frog
  • Toad
  • Male Ensemble - Snail, Bird, Lizard, Father Frog, Mole

Female Roles

  • Female Ensemble 1 - Bird, Mouse, Squirrel, Young Frog, Mole
  • Female Ensemble 2 - Bird, Turtle, Squirrel, Mother Frog, Mole

Plays-in-Development 2020

Audition Dates: June 22, 23, 2020 at 7 p.m.

'Gravity: A Union' and 'Sebastian Rising' Reading: July 10, 2020

'Clear Blue Sky' and 'The Long Wait' Reading: July 11, 2020

Auditions will consist of readings from the four scripts. No preparation needed. No previous experience required. No memorization skills needed as these are staged readings. There are roles for 10 men, 4 women, 4 teenage boys (who can play 15-17) and two teenage girls (who can play 14 and 17). 

Gravity: A Union

By Alex Wolfe (Nebraska)

Directed by Liz Pence
Gravity: A Union tells the story of a Father and Daughter recovering from the recent death of their Wife/Mother. A representative from Child Services has been assigned to their case, as there is some question of the Father's ability to take care of the Daughter. As the play continues, it is revealed that the Father has a fairly dark past as part of a military experiment to discover, and potentially contact, Heaven. Supernatural and psychological forces collide as each character eventually reveals their true motivations, and the play ends on a question: what is actually important to a family after a tragedy of this scale?​

  • Dad - A man in his early thirties. A recent veteran, he has just been honorably discharged from military service. 
  • Daughter - Dad's 14-year-old daughter. A smart and quick-witted child. 
  • Man - A representative of Child Protective Services. He is in his early forties and does his best to do his job with care and understanding. 
  • Woman - A woman in her early fifties. Equal parts power, charm and danger. 
  • Soldiers - Three military men dressed in black. 

Sebastian Rising

By Edward deBuvitz (of Albuquerque, NM)

​Directed by Trinity Bird

Sebastian is a 17-year-old boy living with his Uncle Monte. Uncle Monte means well but is constantly working on “get-rich-quick” schemes by selling items he finds on the internet which usually end up causing problems and forcing he and Sebastian to flee in the middle of the night. When Monte partners with a blind Iraq war veteran to search for the location where, according to a talk show host, the wealthy of the country were planning to leave for Mars, their relationship is strained to the breaking point.

  • Sebastian - A 17-year-old living with his Uncle Monte. His mother died a few years before and Uncle Monte cared for him since then. The whereabouts of his father is unknown and never mentioned in the play. 
  • Monte Miller - Sebastian's uncle. He is in his late thirties and has been trying to make a living by selling various products he finds on the internet. Because he is always trying to make a fast buck he doesn't throughly research what he sells which results in unhappy and sometimes violent reactions from his customers. They have just moved to this new city because of a problem with Chinese car wax he sold at a prior city. 
  • J.C. Moon - A blind former Army sergeant who lives next door to the Millers in an apartment complex called "El Gato." He is a somewhat volatile man who listens to a radio talk show host who spreads unverified conspiracy theories. JC believes everything the man says and is especially upset after hearing that the wealthy are leaving our polluted planet to start life anew on Mars. He enlists Monte in his scheme to discover where the Mars bound space ships are being built so he can stop them from leaving. 
  • Delivery Man - He delivers a box of Virgin Mary statues to Monte at the beginning of the play. 
  • Mister Dill - He is the American history teacher at Seneca High School. He doesn't actually teach anything. Instead, he orders his students to merely copy pages from a textbook into a notebook. As he assigns the work he balance a chair in the air. 
  • Samantha (Sam) - A 17-year-old girl Sebastian meets in his new school. 
  • Leo - A student at the school who had been Samantha's boyfriend. She broke up with him a few nights before and he is still angry about it. 
  • Banjo - A student at the high school. 
  • ​Wayne Rockefeller - A plumber who is called to the Miller apartment in the false premise of a stopped up sink. Monte and HC intend to question him about what they believe wealthy people are building to leave Earth for Mars. 

Clear Blue Sky

By Bruce Karp (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Directed by Jennifer Wagler
Clear Blue Sky is inspired by a news article about the person who was on duty at the Portland airport in Maine on 9/11. The day started out as a seemingly routine day, and he did not find anything unusual about the men who came along, dressed in business casual clothing. Having no reason to suspect who they were or their intended destruction, he allowed them to pass through security. Guilt-ridden and unable to maintain a job, he finally, after ten years, starts to experience some semblance of stability, until a 9/11 widow moves to his town, causing old wounds and guilt to resurface. That is when the play begins.

  • Harvey Goren - male, age 40, with "blue collar" look.
  • Glenn Canfield - Harvey's boss, late 20s. Also plays Voice of TV Reporter and Terrorist #1. 
  • Carol Morgan - female, late 30s, an attractive widow.
  • Jesse Morgan - male, teenager, Carol's son, bookish, shy. Also plays Terrorist #2. 
  • Phyllis Goren - Harvey's mother, late 60's-early 70s.
  • John Goren - Harvey's father, in his late 70s, with "ex-military" look and demeanor. Also plays Old Man. 
  • David Cox - reporter for the local newspaper, mid to late 30s.

The Long Wait

By Sarah Gray (of Jonesville, MI)

Directed by Mari Nunez

Matt and Carrie are driving home from a party. When nature calls but traffic doesn’t cooperate, Carrie is in trouble. Will Matt help? Will Carrie make it? This short comedy is relatable to just about everyone. 

  • Matt
  • ​Carrie

Sauk Shorts 2020

Audition Dates: TBA

Performance Dates: September 10-13, 2020

Audition requirements will be announced at a later date. There are roles for 15 men, 18 women, one boy (who can play 12) and one teen of either gender. Trinity Bird will coordinate this production. Joella Hendrickson is stage manager.

A Craigslist Play
By Ruben Carbajal

Directed By Ann Holt

Composed of "Missed Connections" from Craigslist, "A Craigslist Play" shows our desperate desire to connect.

  • 3 Men (18 and up)
  • 3 Women (18 and up)

At the Wall
By Bonnie Milne Gardner

Directed by Sandi Miller
It is morning on Veteran's Day at the Vietnam Memorial.  Two strangers discover more than a love of country and Oreo cookies among the names and offerings "At the Wall."  

  • Thomas, 21, an Army mechanic
  • Chip, 31, a graduate student

By Scott Mullen

​Directed by Mari Nunez
When a terrified Maria gets up the courage to go on a roller coaster, her boyfriend doesn't realize that it is because she has something else on her mind.

  • Maria - 20s/30s. Anxious
  • Paul - 20s/30s. Her boyfriend. 
  • Gabe - any age. Roller coaster employee.

Date With Death
By Steven Hayet 

Directed by Josh Hall
Dating is hell. Rather than deal with the awkwardness of turning someone down, Angela prefers murder. However, this time, her baggage does not go unnoticed.

  • Karen - female, 20-30s
  • Angela - female, 20-30s
  • David - male, 20-30s

Ghosts of Resolutions
By Ron Burch

​Directed by Angela Forant
After watching A Christmas Carol on tv while eating most of a large pizza, Mary has a dream about an intervention staged by the Ghosts of Resolutions (as in New Year’s) in order to help her get over her ex. Or was it reality? No, it was probably the large pizza but the night is still young.

  • Mary
  • Ghost of Resolutions Past, a disheveled woman
  • Ghost of Resolutions Present, an organized woman
  • Ghost of Resolutions Richard, a conflicted woman
  • Ghost of Resolutions Future, the Grim Reaper as a woman

I Can Fly
By Gary Sironen 

​Directed By Liz Pence
A young student recalls a moment of self-discovery as a child, and the complications that come with keeping a secret. In the process, they learn the power, the value, the danger - and the importance - of sharing the secret.

  • Terry - late junior high or early high school age. 

By K. Alexa Mavromatis

Directed by Trinity Bird
The recent loss of a parent has magnified every experience for 12-year-old Henry, none more so than today's disappointing little league tryout. His grandfather is on hand for a pep talk and a taste test, but even his favorite comfort food isn't a comfort today.

  • Miles, 67. Henry's maternal grandfather. Retired from an electrical parts manufacturing plant. 
  • Henry, 12. Thoughtful. A little sad. 

The DMV One
By Nick Zagone

​Directed by Ann Holt
The wait at the DMV may be long, but relationships are short. Two people meet at the DMV... simple enough premise, but the choices are endless.

  • Man - a customer at the DMV
  • Woman - a worker at the DMV
  • Another Woman - a second customer. 

The Prize
By Arthur Keyser

Directed by Tami Hindes
Roger has just moved into Golden Acres Condos and is enjoying his afternoon reading when he’s interrupted by two uninvited guests, Frances and Phoebe. They are there to interview him for his profile for their database. His confusion only intensifies when he learns why they are interviewing him.

  • Roger Brantley: a man in his mid-70s. 
  • Frances Gaffney: a woman in her early 70s. 
  • Phoebe Rosen: a woman in her early 70s.

By Tony Targan 

Directed by Ron Boyle
Two strangers on an airplane are unified by their dislike of airline travel, and by an obnoxious passenger they mutually despise. A condescending flight attendant, cocky pilot, and panicked passengers add to the bumpy ride. The main character Georgia is named after the real-life Georgia Graham (1950 – 2018), a free spirited woman that lived life to the fullest. Turbulence won the People’s Choice Award at 2019 Michigan AACTFest.

  • Georgia Graham - 20s. Attractive. Business attire. 
  • Justin Triggs - 20s. Athletic. Business casual. 
  • Douglas Bender - 40s. Heavy-set, very casual. Gregarious a la John Candy. 
  • Jasmine - flight attendant. Condescending.
  • Captain Dick Johnson - airline pilot. Confident. 

The Shadow of Flies

By G.M. (Bud) Thompson

Directed by Trinity Bird

Several years after their rescue from the island on which they were marooned, a chance encounter forces two young men to face the memories...and the demons... they have tried to put behind them. Based on the characters and events created by author William Golding in his 1954 classic novel Lord Of The Flies (and brought to vivid life on stage at The Sauk this past October), The Shadows Of Flies will look at the challenges of being a survivor of great trauma, and the possibility that "surviving" may not be so much getting through and leaving it behind, but more a transitioning into a different trauma that we cannot be easily rescued from. And yet... help is there, in the knowledge that we are not alone.

  • Casting Needs TBA

Write Your Name Upon My Heart
By Matthew Weaver 

​Directed by Trinity Bird
Joshua asks Gretchen to sign his heart. Gretchen needs to pick a writing instrument.

  • Gretchen - 20s-30s
  • Joshua - 20s-30s

The Curious Incident

of the Dog in the Night-Time

Audition Dates: August 17, 18, 2020 at 7 p.m.

Performance Dates: October 15-18, 22-25, 2020

Audition requirements will be announced at a later date. There are roles for 5 men and 5 women. Jennifer Wagler will direct this production. Michele Harmon will stage manage.

Male Roles

  • Christopher Boone, age 15
  • Ed, Christopher's father
  • Voice 2 - Roger Shears, Duty Sergeant, Mr. Wise, Man Behind Counter, Drunk 1
  • Voice 3 - Policeman, Mr. Thompson, Drunk 2, Man with Socks, London Policeman
  • Voice 4 - Reverend Peters, Uncle Terry, Station Policeman, Station Guard

Female Roles

  • Siobhan, Christopher's teacher
  • Judy, Christopher's mother
  • Voice 1 - Mrs. Shears, Mrs. Gascoyne, Woman on Train, Shopkeeper
  • Voice 5 - No. 40, Lady in Street, Information, Punk Girl
  • Voice 6 - Mrs. Alexander, Posh Woman

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

Audition Dates: October 19, 20, 2020 at 7 p.m.

Performance Dates: December 3-6, 10-13, 2020

Audition requirements will be announced at a later date. There are roles for at least 12 men and 8 women. Angela Forant will direct this production.

Male Roles

  • Edward P. Mitchell
  • Frank P. Church
  • James O'Hanlon
  • Dominic (Dom) Donneli
  • Sean O'Hanlon
  • Teddy Murray
  • Newsboy
  • Goss/George/Tom Pryor/Officer Akins
  • Otho/Chambers/Officer Flynn
  • Cornelius Barrington/Shannon/O'Hara
  • Sam/Thief/Schuller/Red
  • Shorty/Scotty/Art Fritz
  • Ensemble of Police Offiers, Dock Workers, Old Man, Blind Man, Uniformed Park Attendance, Husband, etc. 

Female Roles

  • Virginia O'Hanlon
  • Maria Donneli
  • Julie
  • Susan
  • Evie O'Hanlon
  • Andrea Borland
  • Mrs. Goldstein
  • Celeste Donneli
  • Ensemble of Dock Workers, Little Girl, Wife, Etc.